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Telemarketing Services


Review, Screening, & Submission of Application or Forms

  • Obtain forms for registering business or salesperson in accordance with applicable state licensing requirements, and provide them to the Client (including initial application, renewal application, material change form, and any related form required to facilitate the registration process).

  • Consult with Client regarding the registration process, related activities, status of the application or form, and any procedure that could improve and/or expedite the registration process.

  • Review the application submitted by the Client for accuracy, errors, omissions, and other related items that could cause application to be deficient and/or denied.

  • Screen the application, in a similar (available) manner as the regulatory licensing agency, for any relevant background information that could cause denial of the application by the regulatory licensing agency.

  • Submit completed application or form, once it meets approval standards, to appropriate regulatory licensing agency for processing.

  • Consult with Client regarding the application or form that does not meet approval standards, have Client make corrections (if applicable), then submit to appropriate regulatory licensing agency for processing; or recommend no processing for an application or form that could be denied based on the information provided.

  • Track progress of application or form submitted to regulatory licensing agency and coordinate any required follow-up.

  • Forward license or denial notification, received from the regulatory licensing agency, to the Client.

  • Notify Client of any new requirements or changes to requirements involving contracted services for the registration process.

 * Additional Services are Available Upon Request *

We can assist with company/employee orientation days or training! 

  • On-site consultations regarding compliance issues for state licensure.

  • Filling out and submitting the application or forms.

  • Reviewing mandatory notification or disclosure statements (in scripts).

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